In the true clich├ęd fashion of diving in head first into a new area of learning, here we are.

Hello World! from SavingsMela!

Yes, yes we do admit we come with the same cookie cutter specification of any start-up you’d find in the market but with a difference. You see have an interest in and around consumers.

What started off as a simple aggregator for online deals we are now wading into areas we realised, form the very basis of our existence. For without consumers, without aware consumers we gain absolutely nothing in providing a service like this. Why this epiphany seemed to make sense? Take us out of our offices and away from our computer screens and we are too, like you – consumers.

Do you remember that time in the supermarket when you impatiently searched for that new brand of Tea that was advertised on TV recently? You figured you might as well give it a try since it was priced competitively and you couldn’t find it in the racks! How about that other time when you went in determined to buy a new TV and did so, only to find out later that had you trudged down the lane a bit more you’d get the same product for a fatter discount. Didn’t that just make your purchasing power wince?

Yes we had these moments too and someone had to address it and so peeked SavingsMela with the simple objective that let’s have one centre for all discounts you can possibly find for anything you’d ever want. Sounds neat?

With SavingsMela up and running for a few months now, we had to reach back to the community who got us started in the first place, YOU. So this blog is our effort to interface with our users, readers, potential users, critques and everyone in between them. More posts on SavingsMela as a startup, consumer issues we care about and of course latest updates on great deals in online shopping coming up soon!

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